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tree house juliusBy now you may have heard that there are rumors going around that there is a particular Globo-Multinational International Beer Conglomerate that is allegedly watering down their product for bigger profits.  And you may ask who are these alleged cheats and swindlers, well none other than Anheuser Busch.  Those in the know, particularly readers of this blog, already knew that most Budweiser products were nothing but flavored water anyways.  As a matter of fact we use it to fill our hockey rink in the winter and water the garden in the summer, there is really no other need for it that I can think of.

While I’m not putting any hardworkin’ American down for drinking their offerings but the sole reason for making any ultra-mass produced brew is to make money and lots of it, by taking advantage of those same Americans that drink their product.  There is no love that goes into it, that ship sailed many many years ago for Bud.  Now they are stuck with a watered down (literally), bland tasting line of beer flavored beverages.

That’s why here at the headquarters located on the hallowed grounds of Big D we love the little guy, the people that put their heart and soul into brewing, the people who take a little tree house and a dream and put them together to make something truly special.  I am of course talking about Tree House Brewing Co. located just west of Big D in the little town that could and did, Brimfield Ma.

I’d like to say we were one of the first lucky few to discover Tree House but as fate would have it we only recently stumbled upon it by chance.  We were researching breweries and beers of Massachusetts and New England on the Google late last year when Tree House popped up.  Here was a brewery that we haven’t tried, more importantly they produce local microbrews that we haven’t tasted.  Owning a website called brings certain responsibility, our charter states and I quote “no shirt, no shoes, no beer left behind”.  How could we call ourselves if we haven’t tasted the beer?

So we kissed the ladies and babies good bye and set off on our epic quest to find this off the beaten path brewery that is Tree House.  Literally 10 minutes later we were there, I love GPS.  We arrived a few weeks too late for a tasting; I guess “the Man” can’t handle the good stuff.  Dean at Tree House promises a return of the tastings but has no ETA when “the Man” will loosen his tighty whiteys.  Anyways that didn’t matter; we ordered several growlers to split.  While the glass jugs of sunshine were being filled by the Pour Girls we soaked up the backwoods, eclectic ambiance, wood stove and all.  They make you feel at home upon entering the barn/shed/workshop/brewery.  Whatever name you call it don’t mistake it for mass produced swill, this is the real deal.  We left the new Brimfield landmark with 2 2L growlers a piece, we had to get at least one taste of each.

After the excruciating 10 minute ride home that took like almost 11 minutes we performed a ritual when we can’t decide which beer to taste first, we played a rousing game of eeny meeny miney moe, fricken Rifle wins every time.  I think he cheats but that is a blog for someone else to write.  He chose “Julius” an American IPA offering that is the baa diggity bomb, that’s technical beer blog speak.  The translation of that is as follows:  An extremely drinkable American IPA with subtle hints of fruitiness throughout.  This 6.8% ABV beer drinks like a dream, the subtle notes of citrus adds to the easy drinkability on this one.  It finishes with a crisp refreshing well rounded bitterness that makes you pour another glass pronto.  We finished that growler off pretty quick, the overall taste and flavor is amazing; it’s what keeps the Tree House faithful filling the breweries parking lot (driveway) every Saturday.  So much so that they have now keep Thursday after work hours, now two days to get your growler filled and get your Tree House on.

When you head out to Tree House and you see Dean, tell him Fatcat and Rifle from sent you.  He’ll have no idea who we are…but if enough people tell him maybe he’ll hook us up with a sticker or something.  Check the Tree House site every Friday morning to see what new brews they will be featuring on Saturdays.  Thanks and remember to support The One Fund Boston with a donation.  Like I told my kids after the Boston Marathon tragedy, good people will always outnumber the bad and the good will always triumph.

Tasted By Fatcat And Rifle
To learn about Julius Please visit Tree House Brewing CO.

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