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It has been one of those winters, a sneaky one, really; you know, the type that gets a late start, but ends up lasting way, way, too long. You would think being born and raised in New England and having had a very fair share of winters would have made me tolerant of any type of winter. But by the time March 19th rolled around I’d had just about enough, and I wasn’t alone. Broadcasted all across social media were countless threats on Puxatauny Phil’s life. Poor little guy. What do people expect from a rodent?

Just one day before the vernal equinox, we got nearly 10 inches of snow. Yet another storm? Called ‘Ukko’? More like yucko! Can you believe they name snowstorms now? Considering the late start of this winter, we managed to rack up 107 inches over the course of the winter! One for the record books indeed.

I put my foot down with Ukko. Work planned to open at noon. I planned to not leave my bed. I put in a 5 hour shift in bed that day; that’s right, I’ll admit it, I’m not ashamed. I did absolutely no work, but I did do a ton of reading. Oh, and I took a break from doing nothing, around midday, to clean the 2 bathrooms.

By 4pm I looked outside and thought ‘now that calls for a beer’! After preparing a delicious dinner of stuffed peppers and brussells sprouts (yes I still eat my veggies), I kicked back for a nice cold one. Well, not too cold, I like my beers warmer than probably most Americans.

With the premiere of Splash! on ABC, and the package we’d graciously received from Old Dominion Brewery the day prior,  we had four different brews to dive into. I got dibs on the Morning Glory Espresso Stout, obviously!

What a nice end to the snow day. Weighing in at 9% ABV and 35 IBUS (just in case you’re into the stats), as I poured Morning Glory in its glass, just the color alone awakened and comforted me. With a cozy deep brown color and a sweet but slightly smoky aroma, it was shaping up to be my kind of beer! It had a smooth malty start, a warm roasted middle and a patient chocolaty finish. The espresso was not too strong but definitely there, I wanted no more or no less. Hopefully this brew is available in stores in MA someday, or at the very least at my favorite brewpub, Armsby Abbey.

Thank you Old Dominion for sharing your very fresh, very yummy brews!

Tasted by Beerina
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