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Ok, so I’m not a beer genius.

I can’t spout facts about this or that company, this or that beer. I’m not going to wax intellectual about history or brewing methods or ingredient pairs (not too much anyway).

I don’t know what went into making this, I can’t tell you any secrets about it that you won’t find somewhere on the internetz.

I just want to drink some beers that are relatively good for me and I want to share what I find with you.

Why would anyone care about gluten free beer?

There’s a huge population of people that just cannot handle gluten and I’m sure more than a few of them are as in love with beer as you and me. Why shouldn’t they be able to enjoy a cold one like everyone else?

dogfish head gluten freeIn 2011 Dogfish Head released a gluten free, seasonal ale with all the hallmarks of a craft beer to satisfy that market.

The result was Tweason’ale – a beer made with sorghum syrup, hops, yeast, and strawberries. The name “Tweason’ale” was meant to signify that it’s produced between seasons.

How is it gluten free? Well there isn’t any barley or wheat. It’s that simple.

Those with a gluten intolerance are forced to change the way they look at food and drink and have to venture into new lands. For me, and possibly for you too, this is all about new.

Days of the New. Shitty band, but good idea. Everyone needs to step outside their comfort zone every once in a while and try something new.

Teason’ale is a new take on a craft ale that ANYONE can enjoy.

There are some sacrifices, it’s true. It’s not a thick and rich beer. It doesn’t have a long lasting head to satisfy those that enjoy that sort of thing. You’re not going to find this in a 30 rack for $12 at just any establishment that provides fine spirits.

In fact, Dogfish Head produces this ale only in a 4 pack of 12oz bottles in a limited run throughout the year.

This is a Dogfish brew and with that comes a level of excellence that you and I would expect.

I was not disappointed.

Upon first pour I immediately noticed the gorgeous color. Blonde, amber, and crystal clear. The brew produced a minimal head which didn’t last long but I barely noticed that over the wonderful aroma of malty honey, and strawberries. Flavors come and go in a complex way that was extremely appealing. There’s a nice fruity flavor with a sweetness of honey and a depth of malt that mixes very well. The strawberry flavor is immediately apparent but it doesn’t overpower anything and it doesn’t hang around to give a sweet “lala” taste that’ll have you looking for the little umbrella or fruit slice. Malty flavors pop in and out, becoming more apparent as an after taste once the sweetness fades. There’s also a hint of sourness left that really ties everything together. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t taste the hops much, if at all. Others have said it’s there and it’s great but I just didn’t get it.

It’s a complex flavor overall and I wasn’t expecting that but was very pleased.

This beer is very light and smooth. I can envision an ice cold Tweason’ale on a hot day and that actually makes my mouth water a little.

They go down quickly and if you’re not paying attention that 6% abv can creep up on ya!

Thankfully I was taking notes during the first two because I lost all desire to catalog anything after the third. I’ll save the 4th for later just to confirm my initial thoughts.

The label reads 13g of carbs per bottle so it’s not going to jump out at a low-carb’er but there’s just so much right with this brew that I think it’s worth a shot.

To quote the Dogfish website: “We believe health-conscious beer drinkers and the millions of Americans who suffer from Celiac disease can cut back on gluten while relishing the distinction and drinkability of this very special brew.”

Tweason’ale is certified gluten free which should mean it contains less than 10-ppm gluten (5-ppm gliadin) as tested by associations such as the GFCO (Gluten Free Certification Organization) and AOAC (Association of Analytical Communities).

I didn’t see any indication of how it was tested or the exact levels of gluten and gliadin contained within.

One might expect a great deal of sacrifice when trying a gluten free beer, and there ARE a few, but this is a beer that can really be enjoyed by anyone and should be given a fair shot. I think Dogfish Head was very successful in making a quality brew with complex flavors that’s gluten free and lives up to their reputation.

I have to say, I wasn’t expecting to, but I

Tasted By Grokstar
To learn about Tweason'ale Please visit Dogfish Head

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