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tastedbeer sixpointOn the coldest of winter days, I decided to venture out with a friend to watch the third Bruins game of the season. Once we found seats at the bar and unbundled out of our many layers, I decided I needed something to drink that would warm me to the core. To my delight, Sixpoint Diesel was on draft.


After ordering this beer for the first time this season, the bartender presented me with a deep, dark black brew smelling slightly of roasted malts and a good amount of hops. This American stout had even more hop presence than I initially remembered, crossing into the territory of a Black IPA. Just like the ups and downs of the B’s game that night against the Rangers, this stout took me on a bit of a tasting roller coaster ride with the huge piney hop presence up front while being complimented by slight roasted malts and a bittersweet chocolate trying to pull through. Diesel was very easy going down with a fairly light body for such a dark beer (which may have been due in part to my increased anxiety as this nerve-racking game wore on.)


Just as Period 3 was ending, the Bruins tied it up. Overtime here we come! With the companionship of my Diesel, a perfect cold weather beer, I sat back to watch the rest of the game. However, just like the darkness of the beer, a black veil was shed upon this Bruins game. It wasn’t long before the Rangers shot the puck straight into the back of the net. While it was a loss for the B’s, the night wasn’t a total loss overall — I rediscovered my love for Sixpoint Diesel, one that had been forgotten in the melting snow and the emerging blossoms of the previous spring.
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