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bb chocolate stout‘Twas the weekend between Christmas and New Years, when all through the packy,
Not a creature was stirring, just one cashier, wacky.

I searched for a brew, ‘nothing exciting’, I frowned,
I checked every cooler, every shelf, up and down.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear
A lovely black box with 4 shiny beers!

Brooklyn Brewery Chocolate Stout, let’s see how this goes,
At 10% ABV, it should cure any woes!

A sweet chocolate start with a strong malty finish,
The warming effect did not quickly diminish.

At $7.99 I drank these quite wisely,
But once they were gone, I sure felt lively!

Meanwhile it snowed, 6 inches or more,
So much piled up, impossible to ignore.

The Stout was good in exchange for hot chocolate,
Same heat generation, same good feeling from it

When the weekend was over, and I started to think,
I’d drink this again, just one little kink,

Next time I’d have cheese or some balancing treat,
I bet there’s a food that would pair nicely, even meat!

As the holidays wind down and you are searching for cheer,
Remember Brooklyn’s Chocolate Stout, and have a Happy New Year!


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