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Hello from the lush green and downright tropical paradise that is Big D Island, where the water is cool and refreshing just like the beer we drink.  Our featured beer this week comes to us all the way from New York or more precisely, the Other New York as the two Brothers and cousin trio call it.  Fire Island, New York is the home of Fire Island Beer Company.

They offer two fine brews, Red Wagon IPA and Lighthouse Ale.  We sampled both beers, which were delicious, but we decided to do a write up (old school for blog) on the Lighthouse Ale offering.  Seems like we are always drinking IPA’s so the Ale was the way to go, and really you couldn’t go wrong between the two beers anyways.

Upon first taste Lighthouse Ale has a hearty flavor with a smooth finish.  There wasn’t any discernible bitter aftertaste that you usually get with full bodied beers.  Both Rifle and I were impressed with the even taste throughout from beginning to end.  As the Fire Island web site states “It’s the kind of beer you want to have a beer with.”  I like that line because really that’s what we do here at; we like to have a beer with another beer on deck.

This is one review that needed to be done and a blog that needed to be written.  I mean what are the odds of a beer crafted by two brothers and a cousin, and a blog about beer by two brothers who have a cousin colliding here on the interwebs.  I don’t think in all the history of Big D there has ever been anything as kismet (yeah I had to look it up to: fateful) as this.  I have researched the annuals of this web log and can’t find anything like this; I am speechless without speech.  What’s next, a special beer made just for two brothers who have a blog about great tasting beer?  It could be called Fatcat’s Fall Free for all or Rifles Last Shot IPA.  It’ll never happen, that’s just madness.

Keep the suggestions rolling in, we are trying to keep up with them all but there are only two of us and we can only drink lots and lots of beer.  We would never complain though. While your sending in those suggestions head on over to one of our friends little website (sorry shameless plug).  His name is Mark Zuckerberg and he created this site called, we told him we would give him a little shout out so help a brother out and hit him up.

Happy Belated America, home of the brave and home to the greatest microbrews anywhere in the world.

Company: Fire Island Beer Co.

Birth Place: Ocean City, NY

Availability: Year Round

Price Point: Abut $10 a sixer

A.B.V: 5%

How Many We Drank: 6


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