This post came in via email. SO TRUE! Enjoy. They are everywhere. Unlike their namesake they are not impacted by temperature, precipitation, geography or fungus.  They swarm across New England at all times of day and night.  They are transported by foot, bike, motorcycle, automobile, truck, bus, plane and train.  Undeterred by fiscal obligations they […]

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11 favorite beer companies

Rifle’s Top 11 New England Beer Companies

New England’s beer scene has straight blown up over the last 5 years. Same could be said for my love of beer. I’ve been called a one dimensional Hop Head and there is clearly a lot of truth to that. With so many awesome places around, it was really hard to come up with a list […]

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tree house logo

Julius | Tree House Brewing

By now you may have heard that there are rumors going around that there is a particular Globo-Multinational International Beer Conglomerate that is allegedly watering down their product for bigger profits.  And you may ask who are these alleged cheats and swindlers, well none other than Anheuser Busch.  Those in the know, particularly readers of […]

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greens dubbel

Dubbel Dark Ale | Green’s

Grabbed this 500ml bottle along with two other gluten free beers from Green’s, figured I’d give their offerings a shot and have a little Ale-off (like a bake-off but manly…..because it’s beer). The Endeavour was my first pour, the “Dubbel Dark Ale” had me curious A.) because I wondered if the marketing department was drunk […]

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Morning Glory Espresso Stout | Old Dominion

It has been one of those winters, a sneaky one, really; you know, the type that gets a late start, but ends up lasting way, way, too long. You would think being born and raised in New England and having had a very fair share of winters would have made me tolerant of any type […]

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